Overall Winners

Overall Winners

Women’s Bikini Fitness – Sara May Garcia
Women’s Bodyfitness – Norlaily Jazam
Men’s Bodybuilding – Pha Se
Men’s Classic Physique – Hein Hein
Men’s Physique – Mohd Fahrul Sobri Abd Rahman

Women’s Wellness

Women’s Wellness

1st – Siti Norrina (#4)
2nd – Alina Chernobay (#1)
3rd – Nurhasilah Binte Rohaizat (#6)

Women’s Bikini Fitness

Women’s Bikini Fitness Overall

Sara May Garcia (#7)

Women’s Bikini Fitness Newcomers

1st – Nurul Ainaa Nasarudin (#9)
2nd – Annika Dsouza (#9)
3rd – Yong Jun Kueh (#19)
4th – Cherry Pretty (#13)
5th – Vianncy Unabia (#16)
6th – Jan Jee Chong (#5)

Bikini Fitness – Masters

1st – Emaylie Guiap (#30)
2nd – Ziela Eriksen (#34)
3rd – Antonia Lorrine Nikomedis (#39)
4th – Deborah Chong (#32)
5th – Natiya Daengaram (#33)

Women’s BODY Fitness

Women’s Body Fitness Overall

Norlaily Jazam (#24)

Women’s Bodyfitness Tall (Over 163cm)

1st – Colette Kent (#27)
2nd – Karen Wong (#26)
3rd – Law Pei Ing (#31)

Women’s Bodyfitness Masters (Over 35 Years Old)

1st – Norlaily Jazam (#24)
2nd – Colette Kent (#27)
3rd – Britteny Kazakewich (#23)
4th – Fuzuki Mitchell (#25)
5th – Law Pei Ing (#31)

WoMen’s Physique

Women’s Physique Open

1st – Oradee Bunjamnian (#29)
2nd – Natalia Batova (#30)
3rd – Norlaily Jazam (#24)

Men’s Physique

Men’s Physique Overall

Mohd Fahrul Sobri Abd Rahman (#73)

Men’s Physique – Men’s Physique Newcomers

1st – Mohammed Syawal Vehicle (#91)
2nd – Muhammad Amirul Azree Ad Noor (#96)
3rd – Irwan Adi (#95)
4th – Boaz Koh (#40)
5th – Ahmad Omar Abdul Ghani (#89)
6th – Muhammad Ashraf Rahim (#81)


Men’s Physique – Juniors (Up to 23 Years Old)

1st – Cheung Chun Man (#107)
2nd – Benjamin IV Abalos (#105)
3rd – Phyo Ko Ko Phyo (#98)


Men’s Physique – Short (up to 175cm)

1st – Mohd Fahrul Sobri Abd Rahman (#73)
2nd – Mohammed Syawal Vehicle (#91)
3rd – Zameer Malik (#115)

Physique Tall (Over 175cm)

1st – Cheung Chun Man (#107)
2nd – Benjamin IV Abalos (#105)
3rd – Bahram Mortazavirad (#66)

Men’s Physique Masters

1st – Kohei Seno (#109)
2nd – Cheng Kam Wing Bob (#108)
3rd – Allen Lee Meng Hieng (#112)
4th – Benny Lim (#61)

Men’s Classic Physique

Men’s Classic Physique Overall

Hein Hein (#62)

Men’s Classic Physique Newcomers

1st – Hein Hein (#62)
2nd – Domingo Tumangiul Cabauatan Jr. (#70)
3rd – Benjamin Tan (#59)
4th – Ibrahim Bin Adam (#38)
5th – Asyraf Azman (#65)
6th – Kim Dong Geun (#36)

Men’s Classic Physique Juniors

1st – Jia Qing Alex Kong (#39)
2nd – Benjamin Tan (#59)
3rd – Bahram Mortazavirad (#66)

Men’s Classic Physique Short (Up to 175cm)

1st – Mohd Fahrul Sobri Abd Rahman (#73)
2nd – Alexis Abule (#46)
3rd – Hein Hein (#62)
4th – Hydre Hyder (#71)
5th – Domingo Tumangiul Cabauatan Jr. (#70)
6th – Matthias Lance Low (#113)

Men’s Classic Physique Tall (Over 175cm)

1st – Kester Lim (#58)
2nd – Ibrahim Bin Adam (#38)
3rd – Asyraf Azman (#65)

Men’s Classic Physique Masters (Over 40 Years Old)

1st – Tam Van Tram (#68)
2nd – Julian Chu (#69)
3rd – Benny Lim (#61)

Men’s Bodybuilding

Men’s Bodybuilding Overall

Pha Se (#50)

Men’s Bodybuilding Juniors (Up to 23 Years Old)

1st – Boaz Koh (#40)
2nd – Jia Ming Khing (#34)
3rd – Jia Qing Alex Kong (#39)

Men’s Bodybuilding Newcomers

1st – Ibrahim Bin Adam (#38)
2nd – Kim Dong Geun (#36)

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters (Over 40 Years Old)

1st – Clifford Cruz (#42)
2nd – Alex Javier (#56)

Men’s Bodybuilding (Below 65kg)

1st – Alexis Abule (#46)
2nd – Zhen Wei Tan (#45)
3rd – Youn YoungHoon (#44)
4th – Prithvee Krisnan (#47)

Men’s Bodybuilding (Up to 75kg)

1st – Ye Htun Naung (#48)
2nd – Ricky Posas Jr (#49)
3rd – Jia Qing Alex Kong (#39)

Men’s Bodybuilding (Up to 80kg)

1st – Daniel Lino (#32)
2nd – Tung Thanh Dang (#57)
3rd – Alex Javier (#56)
4th – Vo Lam (#51)
5th – Fazelino Suhood (#55)

Men’s Bodybuilding (Up to 85kg)

1st – Pha Se (#50)

Men’s Bodybuilding (Over 85kg)

1st – Sudjai Chantalek (#54)
2nd – Ibrahim Bin Adam (#38)
3rd – Kwong Sun Andy Wong (#41)
4th – Kwame Ofosu Boateng (#52)

Mixed Pairs

Mixed Pairs

1st – Daniel Lino (#32) and Karen Wong (#26)
2nd – Nor Haszlan Mohamed Hassan (#33) and Nurhasilah Binte Rohaizat (#6)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I compete in multiple categories?

Yes of course , however please be mindful that each category is judged with different criteria (apart from masters and juniors of course) so if you were to place well in one category such as Men’s Bodybuilding for example, you should not expect to also place so well in Men’s Physique.

Is there any extra fees for entering more than one category?

The SFBF do not charge athletes any extra fees for entering multiple categories.

What is the cut off date for athlete registrations?

Registration Deadline is on 13th October 2018.

Do you accept last minute registrations on the day itself

No we do not as we have to plan for the correct timing and logistics according to athlete numbers

Is this contest open to athletes that have never competed before?

Yes we welcome athletes of all levels

Do you provide a dedicated tanning service?

We will be working alongside Tan at Home who will take care of all the Tanning needs of the Athletes. They will be at the event and you can book your tanning slots with them in advance via their website.
PLEASE NOTE NO ‘EASY OFF’ TANNING PRODUCTS ARE ALLOWED (such as dream tan). You will not be allowed on stage if you use such products and will be asked to remove it all immediately.

What are the RULES on Tanning?

1) No other tanning companies/personal helper other than Officials from Tan@Home(Official Tan Partner for the Show of Strength) will be allowed backstage.

2) Athletes are not allowed to use any instant tanning cream (i.e. Dream Tan) or any similar "wipe-off" tanning products. Athletes will be disqualified if they do not adhere to this rule.

3) Athletes are highly encouraged to sign up for the tanning packages provided by our official tanning partner, Tan@Home, which will provide their services backstage during the competition day. The reason for this is we want you all to have a consistent look and feel onstage!

Can we bring our own Photographers?

You may bring a photographer but they will not get back stage access and will have to buy a ticket to the event. Just like at the Show of Strength, we will be inviting a number of different photographers to the event, some of whom will provide free photos to the athletes.

Can I bring a coach with me

You may bring a coach with you but he/she will have to purchase a Coach Pass for SGD50 each and this is subject to approval by the Organising Committee. Coach Passes will only be available for sale on 26th October during Athletes Registration. Coach Passes are limited as we do not want to crowd our backstage. First come first serve. *Coaches will be required to submit their passport photo to our officials on 26th Oct.

Who is allowed back stage?

Only those who have a pass that grants them access (Athletes, coaches, crew, Ifbb officers etc)

If I register for the event and then decide not to compete can I request for a refund?

Once you have registered and paid your fee, no refunds will be issued.

Will I be able to view my score sheet?

Yes we will make them available after the event for you to see.

Where and When is the Athletes Registration?

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (Level 3), 26 October 4pm - 6pm

Where and When is the Base Tanning going to be held?

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (Level 3), 26 October 6pm - 9pm

When do I submit my Posing Music file?

Posing Music Submission Deadline: 13 Oct

Men’s Bodybuilding & Classic Physique - 60 seconds
Mixed Pairs - 90 seconds
Women’s Physique - 30 seconds

Email Music Files to:
Email Subject: Competitor’s Full Name & Category

What are the IFBB Rules?

Click here to read the IFBB Rules


SFBF (Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), was founded in 2010. It is the official IFBB sanctioned (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) organization in Singapore. The SFBF is making its mark permanent in Singapore by running regular national and international events in Singapore. SFBF started with the inaugural Show of Strength in 2017, which raised the standards of the sport and ensure fair judging and opportunities for all athletes to qualify for major international competitions sanctioned by the IFBB. SFBF intends to run similar and more frequent events for the 2018-19 calendar.

Who is the IFBB

Founded in 1946, The International Federation of Body Building and Fitness(“IFBB”) is the largest and most prestigious fitness and body building network in the world. it organizes more than 200 events every year in 196 countries offering athletes the opportunity to be the very best they can be by competing against the bery best in the world.

The IFBB has produced many physique stars; the most notable being Arnold Schwarzenegger (the “Terminator”), Lou Ferrigno (the “Incredible Hulk”), Steve Reeves (the “Hercules”), Bollywood movie star Varinder Singh, Arab Movie star El-Shahat Mabrouk, “Cirque de Soleil” performer Alevtina Titarenko and many others.

The IFBB is also the only Bodybuilding and Fitness organization in the world to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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