Overall Winners

Overall Winners

Bikini Fitness – Marika Magriplis
Body Fitness – Roongtawan Jindasing
Physique – Michael Bawaan
Classic Bodybuilding – Sam Enaya
Bodybuilding – Jerry Yong

Women’s Body Fitness

Women’s Body Fitness Overall

Roongtawan Jindasing (#4)

Women’s Body Fitness – Masters

1st – Roongtawan Jindasing (#4)
2nd – Giselle Lim (#5)
3rd – Chong a Kim (#1)
4th – Fuzuki Mitchell (#81)
5th – Pei Ing Law (#8)
6th – Maria Foo (#3)

Women’s Body Fitness – Open

1st – Gisele Lim (#5)
2nd – Chong a kim (#1)
3rd – Nurhasilah Binte Rohaizat (#6)
4th – Fuzuki Mitchell (#81)
5th – Pei Ing Law (#8)
6th – Maria Foo (#3)

Bikini Fitness

Bikini Fitness Overall

Marika Magriplis (#41)

Bikini Fitness – Juniors

1st – Sarah Burgess (#29)
2nd – Gina Chan (#28)

Bikini Fitness – Masters

1st – Emaylie Guiap (#30)
2nd – Ziela Eriksen (#34)
3rd – Antonia Lorrine Nikomedis (#39)
4th – Deborah Chong (#32)
5th – Natiya Daengaram (#33)

Bikini Fitness – Short

1st – Marika Magriplis (#41)
2nd – Emaylie Guiap (#30)
3rd – Anusara Rupper (#43)
4th – Aisyah Asmadi (#38)
5th – Ziela Eriksen (#34)
6th – Nasanbuyan Sansalmaa (#44)

Bikini Fitness – Tall

1st – Chu Dandan (#46)
2nd – Li Shanshan (#45)
3rd – Deborah Chong (#32)

Men’s Physique

Men’s Physique Overall

Michael Bawaan (#67)

Men’s Physique – Juniors

1st – Huzaifa Mustaffa (#49)
2nd – Aiman Syafiq Bin Zolkipli (#54)
3rd – Joshua Teo (#50)
4th – Derrick Chew (#51)
5th – Noppon Chananan (#83)
6th – Roy Chua (#53)


Men’s Physique – Short (up to 175cm)

1st – Huzaifa Mustaffa (#49)
2nd – Aiman Syafiq Bin Zolkipli (#54)
3rd – Kai Ling (#59)
4th – Sam Enaya (#22)
5th – Kraisak Khanpakdee (#57)
6th – Fairuzi Kamal (#56)

Men’s Physique – Tall (Over 175cm)

1st – Michael Bawaan (#67)
2nd – Nor Haszlan Mohamed Hassan (#68)
3rd – Jason Chee (#69)
4th – Veeravich Pitaksappayakorn (#84)
5th – James Tan (#71)
6th – Li jinying (#80)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding

Classic Bodybuilding Overall

Sam Enaya (#22)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding – Short

1st – Amirhossein Pourezzat (#24)
2nd – Hasbullah Salam (#23)
3rd – Ryan Jai Oliver (#25)
4th – Indra Santosa (#21)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding – Tall

1st – Sam Enaya (#22)
2nd – Eunsu Jeong (#26)
3rd – Jason Matthew Chua Han Ping (#10)

Men’s Bodybuilding

Men’s Bodybuilding Overall

Jerry Yong Chee Kean (#17)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Juniors

1st – Aaron Lim Phei Yung (#12)
2nd – Zainal Zulkifli (#9)
3rd – Jason Matthew Chua Han Ping (#10)
4th – Su Min Chong (#11)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Masters

1st – Alex javier (#13)
2nd – Chee Keong Lee (#15)
3rd – Edmund Chong Kean Choong (#14)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Up to 85kg

1st – Jerry Yong Chee Kean (#17)
2nd – Daniel Lino (#16)
3rd – Alex Javier (#13)
4th – Chee Keong Lee (#15)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Over 85kg

1st – Benjamin Broughton (#19)
2nd – Jeremiah Rkng (#18)
3rd – Edmund Chong Kean Choong (#14)


All the Information You need to get Started on your journey to compete in the Show of Strength 2017

Men’s Categories


  1. Short – up to 175 cm
  2. Tall – over 175 cm
  3. Juniors – 16 – 23 years old


  1. Open
  2. Juniors – between 16 to 23 years old
  3. Masters – over 40 years old
  4. Up to 85 kg
  5. 85kg and over


  1. Short up to 175cm
  2. Tall over 175cm

Women’s Categories


  1. Open
  2. Masters – over 35 years old


  1. Short – up to 163 cm
  2. Tall – over 163 cm
  3. Juniors – between 16 to 23 years old
  4. Masters – over 35 years old



Frequently asked questions

1.What's the latest date I can register?

Answer: September 23

2.Can I use my own tanning products?

Answer : yes but you may not use easy off products such as ‘Dream Tan’ and you may not bring rollers to the venue. We strong recommend Tan@Home our official Backstage Tanning Team.

3.Can I bring my coach back stage?

Answer : No the back stage area is only for officials and Athletes

4.Is there an official tanning service for the show?

Answer: Yes we are using Tan at Home Singapore – there will be a separate booking link for this service. “Tan@Home is the official onsite tanning team and beauty service. You can book online at

5.Will there be food available?

Answer: lunch will be provided for VIP ticket holders , sponsors and staff. There is also a cafe in the lobby which serves food an drink.

6. Is there an official photographer?And can we bring our own Photographers?

Answer: there is an official photographer who will offer Athletes some free photos. You may also bring your own photographer but they must have a ticket to the event.

7. Will I be able to view my score sheet?

Answer: Yes we will make them available after the event for you to see.

8. What placing do I have to get to qualify for the AmateurOlympia and Arnold Classic team? (For local Athletes only)

Answer: You need to at least make the TOP 2 in your category to qualify.

9. When will the registration/Athletes meeting be ?

Answer: October 6th- venue and time TBC

10. What are the criteria to compete in this event?

Answer: All local Athletes are welcome to join this event plus Athletes from across South East Asia have been invited.

11. What are the IFBB Rules?

Answer: Click here to read the IFBB Rules

Who is the IFBB

Founded in 1946, The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (“IFBB”) is the largest and most prestigious fitness and bodybuilding networks in the world. It organizes more than 200 events every year in 191 countries offering athletes the opportunity to be the very best they can be by competing against the very best in the world.

The IFBB is the most competitive toughest fitness and bodybuilding federation in the world to turn ‘pro’ (professional) in as it offers the possibility of qualifying for the “Superbowl of Bodybudiling and Fitness”, namely Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend, held annualy in Las Vegas, USA. At this event the very best of the best in the IFBB Professional League fight it out to try and be crowned the next ‘Mr or Miss Olympia’, which is the HIGHEST HONOUR possible in the sport and something every aspiring fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder dreams of.

IFBB also runs Arnold Sports Festival which was founded by the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. This event is considered as the world’s second most prestigious event in the professional men’s physique & bodybuilding, figure, bikini, etc.

Who is sFBf

SFBF (Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), founded in 2001, is the official IFBB sanctioned (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) organization in Singapore. The SFBF is making its mark permanent in Singapore by running regular national and international events in Singapore starting in 2017, which will raise the standards of the sport and ensure fair judging and opportunities for all Singaporean Athletes to qualify for major international competitions sanctioned by the IFBB.For more information, visit


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