CrossFit Statera

Crossfit Statera is a community that is focused about everyday movement, about being able to be the best version of yourself, even if you don’t think you are an athlete. The aim is to move your body through space, about catching the bus, playing with your child – whatever your focus is in life, we aim to make it better.

Our Statera Family is made up of everyday athletes, weekend warriors and elite competitive athletes. We believe in getting the basics right through coaching technique and building on your abilities in a supportive environment to reach your fitness goals.

Statera is led by head coach Lewis Chua who’s principles borrow heavily from his time as a National Olympic Weightlifter. The community is housed within the Solitude of Strength training facility.

Our CrossFit classes are a mix of building strength and power through Olympic Weightlifting, understanding how each muscle is connected through Gymnastics, and increasing your cardiovascular fitness through metabolic conditioning exercises.

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