Up till now, those who wanted a protein drink were faced with a powdered milky flavoured beverage, high in sugar content, and at times required to have a shaker to combine contents. Based on feedback and extensive research group analysis, the results showed that today’s health conscious consumer are seeking a ready-made alternative to the existing sugary protein powder drinks. And from this, the ProWater concept was conceived.

ProWater is a scientifically formulated protein water using Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolyzed Collagen. These properties provide essential Amino Acids to replenish the body, giving a boost of energy. Containing zero sugar, ProWater is packed with Antioxidants to maximize health benefits.

ProWater offers an alternative to juice products and protein enriched milk beverages that are currently available on shelves. Fused with natural flavours, ProWater has all the goodness (and more), just as nature intended. –

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