Log Lifting & Axle Deadlift Championships

Axle Deadlift

Log Lifting


The Static Monsters Singapore is Strongman’s push pull competition focusing on the two most popular Strongman movements – the log press to overhead and axle deadlift with wagon wheels. This competition is called Static Monsters because it is a test of static strength of who can lift and press the most amount of weight.

The Static Monsters Singapore will also be a qualifier for the Static Monsters World Championships 2019 in conjuction with 40 other Static Monsters events around the world in 20 different countries.. The athletes who competed during this competition will be classified and ranked in the global world rankings and the top 10 of each weight class will qualify for World Championships in 2019.



This competition is open to all athletes in the Asia Pacific region and we are expecting 30-40 athletes.



Strongman has its roots in Scottish and Scandinavian folklore of how boys become men when they compete in feats of strength. Static strength events have always been a highlight of all strongman events since the inception of World Strongest Man in 1970s. It usually included big oversized men in its early days but the modern day strongman athlete varies from lightweight to the super heavy weights with the inclusion of the under 80, 90, 105kg and also the womens under 62kg, 72kg and opens. The sport has definitely grown to make it more inclusive to all athlete of different shapes and sizes. Strongman is for everyone.



Strongman is one of the most entertaining and functional sports. How functional is strongman? You don’t need to make multiple trips from your car to your kitchen carrying your groceries. Because you can do it at one go.  



Singaporeans Barbara Chng was crowned as World Champion in the Under 62kg women weight class and Singapore Strongman Series Technical Director finished on podium in the Mens Open. Juhairi finished in Top 5.

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