Eu Yan Sang

A very established brand in Singapore since 1879, Eu Yan Sang is a leading brand in the health and wellness space, with an established reputation in TCM. Being one of the largest TCM groups in South East Asia. In Singapore, Eu Yan Sang is one of the largest TCM retailers with 45 Outlets Island wide and is also the first in the industry to adopt an Omni-channel approach in retail.

Apart from retailing fine quality Chinese herbs and Chinese proprietary medicine, Eu Yan Sang also retails health food, supplements and personal care products. At present, it offers more than 300 products under the Eu Yan Sang brand name and over 1,000 different types of Chinese herbs and other medicinal products. It is also the pioneer in introducing conveniently-packaged TCM products, such as soup packs, American Ginseng tea bags and ready-to-drink bottled bird’s nest. Eu Yan Sang products are synonymous with quality consistency and the brand adopts modern and scientific approaches in TCM to stay relevant, such as the implementation of the herb fingerprinting process to quantify the ingredients and properties of Chinese medicine used in each product.

As we are the brand leader in Singapore with an emphasis on “Caring for Mankind” by delivering the best natural healthcare products and services, Eu Yan Sang aims to bring the benefits of TCM to the world.

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