Essential Magnesium

Essential Magnesium is an Australian company with a unique range of Magnesium Chloride-based products made from quality all-natural ingredients.

Our nutritionist and founding director created a magnesium cream to help her mother increase her magnesium levels more efficiently and without the side effects from taking tablets or powders.  

The magnesium cream developed not only helped with increased magnesium levels, the cream assisted in reducing her mum’s aches and pains, making it much easier for her to stay active. She then went on to share the magnesium cream with others and was astounded with the positive feedback. New products were developed based on customer feedback that now include our Night range, Active range, Recovery range and Lucas Kids range.

Today, our quality products, which combine our unique formulas create a superior product range that has seen a loyal and ever-growing customer base grow across Australia and around the world.

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