Pole Lab

PoleLAB believes in having fun while getting fit! Pole Fitness is a fun alternative to conventional sports and a good way to work out your core, stamina, strength and flexibility.

PoleLAB is for everyone!

For non-Pole Dancers, we want to introduce Pole Fitness with our Pole Classes or if you are not keen on picking up Pole Dance, we can also help you attain your fitness goals through pole exercises.

For Pole Dancers, learning pole tricks isn’t difficult, but it takes constant practice and training to be able to execute the moves well and integrate it smoothly into a dance routine.

PoleLAB provides the location for pole practice and also gym equipment for further training. We also integrate a series of flexibility, targeted tricks and dance workshops to hone your overall pole skills. Start your Pole Fitness journey with PoleLAB today! www.polelab.com.sg

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Contact us at info@sfbf.org.sg